The State of PostgreSQL Database 2015

(presented at the Swiss Postgres Conference, June 2015)

In this talk we present the latest news from the PostgreSQL database project, including an overview of features from the most recent production releases (9.4) and development releases (9.5, up to the day of the conference!).

In a separate section we also cover interesting features introduced in previous versions, so this talk can be of interest for both the newcomer and the experienced user.

Features covered in this presentation include:
  • Background Workers
  • Disaster Recovery
  • PostgreSQL Externalities
  • Foreign Data Wrappers
  • Functions and Languages
  • Logical Decoding
  • Materialised Views
  • Open Source-ness
  • Portability
  • PostgreSQL versions
  • Replication
  • Row-Level Security
  • Transactions
  • Various concurrency improvements
  • Various index types
  • Various performance improvements
  • XML, JSON, and related improvements
Gianni Ciolli,
30 Jun 2015, 02:27